Binary Canary

Binary Canary, a laptop and woodwind duo hailing from Minneapolis, Ted Moore and Jeffery Kyle Hutchins began collaborating in 2013, creating solo and chamber concert works. As this collaboration evolved, the results became increasingly improvisatory and technologically interactive. The musical vocabulary that developed as a result of this co-performer/co-composer exploration became the basis for Binary Canary. They have been featured on series and festivals such as Ars Electroacoustica (Minneapolis, MN), the Electroacoustic Barndance (Fredericksburg, VA), MUISC NOW (Denton, TX), the New Horizons Music Festival (Kirksville, MO), the North American Saxophone Conference (Lubbock, TX), The New Ruckus (St. Paul, MN), and Punk Ass Classical (Minneapolis, MN). Their 2015 album 'click/blow' was reviewed as "a full on noise-jazz symphony" (Raised by Gypsies) and a "display [of] individual virtuosity and group musicianship... well worth the listen" 


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