Nicole M. Smith

Nicole M. Smith is an artist based in community/community-based artist, through her work, she explores the integration of community, leadership, the arts, social change, and justice. She has used this approach also when working in arts administration; from her role(s) as Teen Programs Coordinator at Children's Theatre Company, to Artistic Associate at Pillsbury House + Theatre, Nicole navigates community building/engagement by observing what's been established and finding point of entry based on interest.  "When working with communities; I, first engage by creating a space allowing me (as a new member) to co-habitat  - looking to be amongst one another in a shared environment where the talker can speak; a shared environment where the listener can hear; a shared environment where the dancer can move; the writer can scribe; the teacher can learn; the community can BE- BE in shared sacredness, value and respect." Nicole's work has been experienced in the Twin Cities, Fargo (ND), New Orleans (LA), Houston (TX), New York (NY) and Berlin (GER). She specializes in Theatre of the Oppressed and has used this technique when working with populations on topics such as: race, racism and privilege; gentrification; [the] criminal justice system; racial profiling; heterosexuality; et al.