Peggy Darrett Brewer

Peggy Darrett Brewer has been singing and performing for over 20 years.  Peggy began singing in her church choir as a little girl in Evansville, Indiana.  She was in her first band at 16 were she sang R&B.  After moving to from Indiana to Minneapolis she fell in love with theatre and began working with Danielle Daniel’s theatre company.  She and husband musician/singer Anthony Brewer worked as contractual vocalist for Augsburg College’s Jazz Ensemble were they recorded a CD entitled “The Evolution of Gospel.”  They also sang with their family group the Anthony Brewer Project.  Peggy is music minister at her church and has worked with the Twin Cities Gospel Choir.  Peggy has worked with local and national gospel artist such as Sandy Robinson-Hodges, Tonia Hughes, Robert Robinson, Sandi Patti, Jerilyn Steel to name a few.  She finds her peace, designing handcrafted jewelry and writing poetry in her spare time. Peggy believes art is a divine language that speaks to the receiver as well as the giver.


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