Rochelle James (SunRa Lightwaves)


Rochelle James (SunRa Lightwaves) is a Soundscape design artist, healing sound musician/actor. Combining music and healing with performance art, Ms. James became company musician/actor for River's Edge Playback Theatre Company, a local theatre company, and performed in that capacity from fall 2002 until spring 2010. Filmed as healer musician in Sleep with a Virgin: A Perspective on HIV/AIDS written and Directed by Rose McGee, a Training Model for Service Learning Promoting HIV/AIDS Awareness Via the ARTS; performed as musician in 'Silences' a solo theatre performance on healing from incestual abuse, at Center for Independent Artist, Minneapolis, MN., Written and Performed by Dr. Usha K.R., a Fulbright Fellowship recipient; 'Earth Spirit' a bamboo flute composition, created, performed by Ms. James was selected to be featured on a cd-mix compilation, 'The Music of Here. Now', which reflects the diversity of artists registered on  She is currently pursuing a Master of Oriental Medicine degree at American Academy of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine in Roseville, Minnesota and collaborates with artists on creating original flute music, soundscapes and sonic art for their creative ventures.  


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