Serita Colette

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Serita Colette was born during the monsoon in the sunny backwaters of Kerala, India.  She returned at twenty-four to study Kathakali from Ashaan, Shiva Das of the world renowned Kalamandalam classical arts school in Kerala.  Serita is a queer woman of color, meditation teacher, Twin Cities healer, dancer, and womanist.  Serita has danced in Jaime Carrera's Outlet Festival, The Walker Art Center's Choreographers' Evening, First Avenue, PRIDE, and a handful of music videos.  In 2015, Serita established one of the first People of Color Yoga practices in the Twin Cities.  Her work has been recognized by The Star Tribune, Allina Healthcare, and the Gender, Women, & Sexuality Department of the UofM.  

In this performance, Controlled Burn is about burning and releasing  trauma.  Reclaiming self through desire.  Photos, vocals, choreography by Serita Colette.  Music recorded at Humans Win! Recording Studio by Lance Conrad