Sonic Rain

Sonic Rain is a singer-songwriter, emcee and beat producer from the Twin Cities. In early year 2000 she was a part of a spoken word collective Free.Inspiring.Rising.Element (F.I.R.E). F.I.R.E was the first active Asian performance poetry collective of its kind in the Twin Cities. They were made up of activists, emcees, playwrights, musicians and dancers. After F.I.R.E Sonic Rain continues to be involved in the Hmong community through Center for Hmong Arts and Talent (C.H.A.T) I.C.E open mic’s and became the main MC for 5 years. Through the open mic’s she formed and co-founded a Hmong pioneer alternative rock band Shattered Echo’Z. She played the drums and wrote songs. Shattered Echo’Z released their first album in 2004 highlighting their popular song Peb Haiv, which talked about the Hmong genocide secret war.

In 2014 Sonic Rain emerges as a solo artist releasing her first EP project Unique. Her EP expresses identity challenges, and self-love. Following after her EP she curated 2 listening events. Allowing her to reach out to individuals and sharing her music. She was also invited as a guest artist on Minnesota Public Radio (MPR) Summer Music Series by Tom Weber showcasing her EP with live performances and Q&A. The most recent work Sonic Rain released is her new single and music video Super Power. Which her single was debuted on The Current Radio The Local show by Andrea Swensson.

Besides being a performer Sonic Rain is a music mentor at InProgress and coaches 8-10 artists. Sonic Rain also desires to be a professional producer in the near future and run her own record label. She strongly believes “As a queer person of color and especially a queer Hmong person, we are often marginalized.  Fifteen years, queer Hmong people were termed “the invisible people” because most people, even Hmong people, didn’t think we existed. We are often marginalized because of race, gender, and orientation. As a result, it is essential to have more creative and safe space for queer people of color.” This mindset pushes her to thrive forward and to give back to LGBTQ Artists of color.