Yoni Light

Destiny Anderson's stage name is Yoni Light. Pronouns (She/Her) is a 19 year old performing artist originally from Saint Paul, MN. Yoni is a multi-disciplinary artist that not only dabbles in dance but in music and spoken word as well. She has attended SPCPA, Perpich Center for Arts Education and is currently studying at High School for Recording Arts. In 2015 She was given a full-ride scholarship to the TU Dance Center in Saint Paul. Tu Dance was founded by Uri Sands and Toni Pierce Sands (Two former Alvin Ailey Dancers). Destiny has worked with other performing artists within the Twin Cities such as Karla Nweje, Signe Harriday, Sha Cage and many others. She is currently a member of the all female dance collection S.H.E, they have recently won the Sage award for most “outstanding ensemble”. She recently founded a crew/ dance collective New Black City and currently performs with them.