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Sarah LaRose-Holland presents Kinetic Kitchen
Date 20 September 2013
Time 7:30 PM - 9:30 PM
Location 3010 Minnehaha Ave. S Minneapolis, MN 55406
Contact Sarah LaRose-Holland [Email this contact]
Link Click here for more information
Friday, Sept. 20th and Saturday, Sept. 21st @ 7:30pm
$8 tickets in advance from artists or $10 at the door (cash or check only)

Kinetic Evolutions Dance Company
Lori Mercil
Stacy Boeddeker & Nate Poole

Kinetic Kitchen is a dance series produced by Sarah LaRose-Holland that showcases professional choreographers and dance companies at Patrick’s Cabaret. Performances take place a few times per year and generally showcase four or five choreographers in a given performance. For more info, please contact:


Title: Excerpts from "Destination Twin Cities"
Choreographer: Sarah LaRose-Holland with input from the dancers
Performers: Kinetic Evolutions Dance Company
Music: Butch Thompson
(Photo credit: Brendan Bathrick, Dancer: Ashley Narum)

Sarah’s dance company Kinetic Evolutions will perform excerpts from their recent production of "Destination Twin Cities," an impressionistic, time-traveling exploration of neighborhoods, landmarks, people and places that define urban life in Minnesota. Who were we, and who are we today?

Sarah LaRose-Holland is the Artistic Director of Kinetic Evolutions Dance Company and Assistant Director of Christopher Watson Dance Company. Sarah thoroughly enjoys both creating dances with her company and performing with CWDC. She is the founder and producer of the Kinetic Kitchen Dance Series presented at Patrick’s Cabaret. Sarah recently collaborated with Butch Thompson for an evening length production of Destination Twin Cities. This performance was made possible by the generous support of KBEM Jazz 88 through funding provided by the Minnesota Legacy Amendment Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund. Sarah looks forward to her next collaboration with Butch Thompson and Jazz 88 in 2015.

Title of Piece: Without Apology
Choreographer: Lori Mercil (and dancers)
Performers: Yumi Inomata, Sarah Weaver, Susan McKenna
Inspiration: Poem by Jewel Mathieson "We Have Come to be Danced"

Lori Mercil began her dance training in her native California, eventually earning her BFA in Dance from the University of Montana, and furthering her studies at the Martha Graham School in NYC, and the Repertory Dance Theatre in Salt Lake City. She danced with the Nancy Hauser Dance Company, later known as Hauser Dance, for 13 seasons where her choreography was often shown. Lori currently dances with the Christopher Watson Dance Company, and has danced often with Marylee Hardenbergh in a variety of site specific works, most recently on a film project with Sage Cowles. Lori’s most recent work was presented at the 2011 Dances at the Lakes Show, and her work ranges from jazz, to modern, to video interactive with live music. Lori is thrilled to be a part of this Kinetic Kitchen show, and would like to thank everyone who supports her crazy passion called "dance"!
Running time, about 10 min

Title of piece:
"Feel My Monkey" WTF
A female duet about a process of a Woman dealing with her ego altered.
Choreographer: Denise Armstead
Dancers: Christine Maginnis and Denise Armstead
Title of piece: "Do You Like My Hat"
A duet Male/female. An Abstract piece where two people find themselves piece roaming around with off the wall encounters wearing hats.
Choreographer: Denise Armstead
Dancers: Denise Armstead and Gerry Girouard
(Photo credit: John Olson)

Denise Armstead has been working as a dancer & choreographer for more than 25 years. She had the extraordinary privilege of spending 20 of those years as a principle dancer with the Zenon Dance Company. In 2007, Denise formed her own dance group, DAdance. She is honored and excited to be a part of another series of Kinetic Kitchen.

Stacy Boeddeker and Nate Poole’s new work "Interlaced" will premiere at the Kinetic Kitchen. Our concept is set around the interlacing of relationships. Through a series of partnering and movement, we intend to explore and digest the force that are relationships.

Stacy Boeddeker is a Master Teacher and Choreographer from the Twin Cities. She is quickly becoming one of the most sought after teachers in the industry and has wide acclaim throughout Canada and The States. In 2009 Stacy formed the Dance Company, Poetry In Motion; A Contemporary Dance Movement. She feels a commitment and passion to change the ideals of American Dance Companies herein. Other credits include Master Teaching for the ever most, CanDance Dance Convention in Toronto, Beyond Dance Dance Convention, throughout the US, Assistant to Choreographer for The Shoot Dance Convention, Media Danza Dance Festival in Bari, Italy. Stacy has been a part of Evolution Dance Company under Mark Meismer and has trained and performed in Nagsaki, Japan. Stacy has also had the opportunity to perform and collaborate with Amy Grant and Paula Abdul, to name a few. Her early years of dance include Guest Performing with the famous, Joffrey Ballet. She was recently seen dancing with Gloria Estefan and choreographing a new Contemporary Ballet piece in Poland.

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