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ROOTED: Hip Hop Choreographers’ Evening
Date 18 June 2010
Additional future dates: 19 June 2010
Time 8:00 PM
ROOTED: Hip Hop Choreographers’ Evening
Curated by Maia Maiden

The first and only choreographers’ evening dedicated to Hip Hop dance and its’ roots in the Twin Cities; showcasing high school, emerging, and established choreographers!!

Friday, June 18th and Saturday, June 19th @ 8pm
Sunday, June 20th @ 6pm
(Presale tickets please arrive by 7:30 Fri and Sat/5:30 Sun).

Christ Up
Curio Dance
Ellena Schoop
Emily Broeker/Kathleen Pender
Fatima Cocci/Debra McGee
Keane Sense of Rhythm Tap Company
Kortland Jackson/Jay Walker
Rene Thompson
Small Talk/Spread The Love
Stephanie Shapso
Viva Venzuela
Voice of Culture


Maia Maiden
Scientist by day, dancer by night, Maia Maiden has been in the dance community for over 15 years. Born and raised in South Minneapolis, she has studied all genres of dance primarily focusing on West African, Hip Hop, and step.
Conscious [kon-shuh s]: Sharing another’s knowledge or awareness
Spirit [spir-it]: A divine, inspiring, or animating being or influence
A movement group using dance styles rooted in the African Diaspora. Interweaving Hip Hop and step techniques with traditional West African movements to create work that is community connected.

Christ Up
Christ UP!! founded it’s name from the knowledge, With out Christ, they wouldn’t have the talents they possess. UP, is the direction they are going.
Christ UP!! performs many dance styles: Krump, Pop-Locking, Breaking and Tapping. However- when Christ UP goes out to dance at a battle or Audition, we view as a means of Having fun and so much Business.
That’s what makes our style more complete and unique.

Christ UP!! Dance crew has been active in the dance scene for a few months now. The dancers consists of: Anthony "TC Boogie" Clark, Jasmine "Jazz" Johnson, Jeremiah "Blak Shadow" Smith, and DeAndre "Prince Shadow" Kendricks. In addition to 2 new members being: Kidale "Kid" Smith, and Byron "Radical" Winford. Last but not least, Jesse Thomas - Agent / Manager.

GOD is our Higher Power...

Curio Dance
Giselle Mejia is a professional dancer, choreographer and teaching artist. She began creating dances with her brother, Dario at the early ages of 5 and 6. They have continued to purse the passion of dance and choreography ever since. Last year, Giselle and Dario founded Curio Dance and have performed at venues across the Twin Cities, including a full-length premiere at Intermedia Arts. She has traveled and performed in Principal Theaters in Latin America, Spain, China, and Russia. Giselle is currently a teaching artist for the MN Shubert Center, the Lundstrum Center for the Performing Arts, and Dancin’ on Broadway. She is excited to share this unique opportunity to perform with students from the schools in which she instructs. Thanks to Amara Barner, Tori Paone, and Javon for their devotion and energy.
Emily Broeker/Kathleen Pender
Emily Broeker, a fan of all rhythmic dance forms, is currently pursuing her B.A. in dance from the University of Minnesota. She studied tap for 4 years with Kaleena Miller, and now occasionally performs Kaleena’s choreography. She performs also with Eclectic Edge Ensemble, a Minneapolis-based jazz company under the direction of Karis Sloss. In her spare time, she enjoys eating food (any kind is great), dancing with Kathleen, and playing four square.

Kathleen Pender is currently pursuing her B.A. in dance from St. Olaf College in Northfield, MN. She studied tap with Kaleena Miller, Brian Sostek, and Charisse Ponder through the Northfield Arts Guild, where she also studied Modern, Ballet, and Jazz. Kathleen also studied Modern with Gretchen Pick through Young Dance in Minneapolis. Although her favorite dance form is Modern, she has enjoyed exploring the integration of jazz, hip hop, and tap this year with Emily.

Kortland Jackson

Born and raised in Minneapolis, MN, Kortland Jackson has always been musically gifted. From singing with his mother Jevetta Steele to dancing with the Sounds of Blackness. Extremely gifted vocally, Kortland took it upon himself to become more then just a vocalist in the Twin Cities. Having musicality within his veins developed a start in the dance community as well. From then on Kortland was considered a triple threat. These traits have granted him the privilege to travel, network and land such deals as a Recording contract with Island Def Jam Records. While pursuing his music career, found strength of choreography and creating his own individual style of hip-hop choreography.

Rene Thompson
Rene D. Thompson has been a professional Latin dancer for 27 years, 20 of those years as an instructor and choreographer. He began his career in Cuba in 1973 with a small role as an actor in the popular Theatre Company, "4 de Abril" under the direction of Tito Junco. Rene has performed traditional Afro-Cuban and popular Latin dance all over the world and in many music videos and movies with popular US and international artists including Will Smith, John Leguizamo, Gloria Estefan and the Miami Sound Machine. Born and trained in Cuba, Rene brings a wealth of knowledge of music and dance and its cultural context to his audience.

Small Talk/Spread The Love
Jae Haile’ Phillips and Hanna Esparza-Kuluvar have been dancing Hip Hop all of their lives and have been Salsa Partners for one year. They have performed nationally and internationally. Jae has performed and taught in Sydney, Cayman Islands, Toronto and more. Hanna has blessed the scene @ various local venues as a member of several Hip Hop and Salsa Performance teams. They are also members of A company dedicated to getting humans talking to each other again, and Spread The Love Movement where you can find this duo on any local street corner dancing their hearts out spreading positivity to the world. Jae is also an instructor/ choreographer at Social Dance Studio.

Viva Venzuela
Viva Venezuela, featuring Sra. Judith Perez and a diverse Afro-Latino ensemble cast, present an exciting family friendly performance of folkloric dancers, live percussion, songs, and costumes that represent the rich cultural diversity and traditional ethnic dances of Venezuela.

Viva Venezuela is a traditional folkloric dance troupe that was formed in 2003, when artistic director Sra. Judith Perez, was asked to choreograph a traditional folkloric dance for a local Venezuelan Day picnic in St. Paul. Since then the dance troupe Viva Venezuela has performed at numerous local festivals, parades, Latino cultural events and on the Spanish television channel Univision. Originally from Caracas Venezuela artistic director, Sra. Judith Perez was a featured dancer, with the prestigious Venezuelan National Dance Company, where she studied ballet and modern dance and also trained as a gymnast and jazz dancer. Additionally, Sra. Judith Perez studied the traditional Venezuelan folkloric dance styles at the honorary dance foundation, Fundacion Biggott.
Voice of Culture
Voice of Culture is a collection of artists dedicated to the study of West African arts and culture. As is custom in West Africa , all company members play instruments, sing and dance in the cultural tradition. We strive to share the beauty and the cultural specificity of the traditional rhythms, movements, and songs of West African people. We do this through performances, workshops, artist residencies, presentations in schools, and cultural exchange. As descendants of enslaved Africans, this study is a great honor to us, and an attempt to discover truths about the culture we lost over the Middle Passage. It is through the art of our ancestral people that we come to understand our history, our ancestry, and our places in contemporary society.

Kenna Sarge Artistic Director
Company: Kinyari Al-Ahad, Yonci Jameson, Selima Al-Ahad, Deja Stowers, Seakh MenHeer, Ashley Akpaka, Yetunde Whittaker, Jasmine Harris, and Khettesar MenHeer

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