Meet Our Artists

 LZR VORTEX is a Minneapolis-based performer, video maker, nightlife wizard, dancer, and channeler of many energies and personas. Their work is playful, raw, low-tech, both campy and reverent. LZR is heavily influenced by science fiction, cartoons, electronic music, absurdity, and the generations of intrepid queer artists and activists that have come before them. LZR is a queer nihilist who believes in magic and desires collective healing.

Yoni is a Nepalese American writer, choreographer and multimedia artist whose work explores trauma, transnationality, and publics. A student of Steve Paxton, Ralph Lemon and Jennifor Monson, she is best known for her installation work with the Soap Factory and Northern Spark, as well as her collaborations with the Minneapolis queer underground.


Breakaway is a darkwave/witch house experiment with a self-taught operatic singing style from Joe Kujawa. His music has been described as a "slow-motion opera riot". Coming from DIY punk, Breakaway's music blends with themes of anarchism, queer life, and against the colonial police state. Making solo music and self-releasing albums since 2005, he became more visible to Minneapolis' broader arts world when slipping into the #10 spot of the 2014 Picked to Click poll by City Pages.

Elena is a musician, aerialist, wellness guru, traveler, photographer and light seeker. She started singing before she could talk and dancing before she could walk. Her passion to explore, connect and create, has driven her across the globe. She spent her early years performing with Circus Juventas and has since gone on to teach and perform independently, studying at the University of Hawaii, circus training out of New York City, performing her original music with her band throughout the Twin Cities, and collaborating with artists around the world.

Tre Da' Marc is an International boylesque star from Minneapolis, MN. This national award winner performs all over the US and proudly reigns as the 2015-16 King of the Great Southern Exposure Burlesque Festival in Charlotte, NC. 

Performer of free flow Poetry/Music/Dance. A creative in many ways, here to elevate. Performs a mix of songs and dance with theatrical vibes, hip-hop/soul/truth.

Laura Cannata is a seminary student who writes poetry and short stories in her free time. She is active in disability rights specifically and human rights in general.

Alys Ayumi Ogura is a Twin Cities-based performing artist. She started her modern-ballet lessons as a child under the guidance of Japan’s Mika Kurosawa, who was later to become the “godmother” of Japanese contemporary dance. Alys Ayumi then moved on to theater acting in college. 

Loren Niemi has not forgotten that he first performed at Patrick’s Cabaret in 1996 and is glad to have not worn out my welcome for the peculiar philosophically and emotionally nuanced tales that he favors. Contact him - 651-271-6349 /

Sydney Burch holds a BFA in Dance from MSU Mankato. She has produced and choreographed a Fringe show titled Genesis//Revelations and has had her work in 4 adjudicated ACDA shows as well as had the honor of performing works by Dan Stark, Stuart Pimsler, Shapiro & Smith, Gabriel Anderson, Penny Freeh, Julie Kerr-Berry, Uri Sands and Karis Sloss. She is elated to be performing at Patrick's!