Meet Our Artists

Loren Niemi has not forgotten that he first performed at Patrick’s Cabaret in 1996 and is glad to have not worn out my welcome for the peculiar philosophically and emotionally nuanced tales that he favors. Contact him - 651-271-6349 /

Sydney Burch holds a BFA in Dance from MSU Mankato. She has produced and choreographed a Fringe show titled Genesis//Revelations and has had her work in 4 adjudicated ACDA shows as well as had the honor of performing works by Dan Stark, Stuart Pimsler, Shapiro & Smith, Gabriel Anderson, Penny Freeh, Julie Kerr-Berry, Uri Sands and Karis Sloss. She is elated to be performing at Patrick's!

Larry Johnson did JFK's 50 Mile Hike in 1961, just before telling his first campfire story and learning to play music on a bent tent pole.  At Age 61 he did the world famous 61 Mile Hike, leaving at 6:10 on the 61 bus to hike Highway 61.  Now, because he turned 70,he just completed the 70 Mile BEATING WEAPONS INTO WINDMILLS WALK.

Gretchen Pick is Co-Artistic Director of Young Dance, and an Independent Dance Artist. Under her direction, Young Dance launched All Abilities Dancing in 2010, programming that continues to steer her own personal and professional development. Ms.

“Dance is my world. 2012 started to learn and teach others about Integrative Dance. Teacher and student of the All Abilities Dance class with Young Dance. Set up a dance company 2015 I Can Dance You Can Dance was founded in 2015.

“I am a filmmaker and a storyteller. Currently, I am completing production on a documentary film about GLBT baby boomers and marriage equality.  I’ve made my story the central theme, as remember and told by me, a storyteller.

Catherine Charles is a Minneapolis-based writer/performer/musician. Their work has been featured at Story Club, OUTspoken, Queer Voices, and in 20% Theatre's Naked I series of plays. Musically, their interests include ragtime, torch songs, and retro video game scores.

Tu the Judoka is a Judoka Poet born in San Jose, California and currently living in Minneapolis, MN. He graduated from the University of Minnesota with honors in 2015, where he majored in English and Asian-American Studies, and a minor in Dutch Cultural Studies.