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As we announced at the end of January, our Spring Season of events will be our grand finale, and Patrick’s Cabaret will sunset (close permanently) this summer. Patrick’s Cabaret is not in a financial or leadership crisis, and has no debt, but we face the reality that financial resources are not available for us to sustain the organization’s work.

It pains us that this decision to sunset comes at a time when interest and engagement in Patrick’s Cabaret’s programming is thriving—our programs served more than 500 artists in the last year, nearly double the artists served when we were in the firehouse. The board and leadership have explored many possible options, and the decision to sunset Patrick’s Cabaret with so much advance notice allows the organization the rare opportunity to share one final amazing season and conclude the organization’s lifespan with integrity and positivity. For more information about our sunset, please visit

Donate now to help us tell our story!

To help us cross the finish line with the greatest impact, we need to raise $11,000 before we sunset. We have grant money in hand that ensures artists and other personnel will be paid, but this remaining fundraising goal, representing what we would have raised from individuals during any other season, will allow us to complete our robust final season of work and tell the story of Patrick’s Cabaret for generations. If fundraising exceeds our organization’s needs, we will be able to re-grant the balance to mission-aligned organizations that embody the Cabaret’s mission.

Making a final gift to Patrick’s Cabaret means investing in the artists of our final season, but more than that, a gift means you ensure the legacy of Patrick’s Cabaret echoes long into the future. At the center of ensuring our legacy is remembered, we are publishing Out on the Edge: Three Decades of Patrick’s Cabaret, a retrospective book commemorating our vital history, combining material from deep in our archives and the personal reflections of people close to the Cabaret. In recognition of that final act of generosity, we will honor everyone who makes a gift in 2018 as a Legacy Donor, with special benefits at different levels:

One-Time Gift Amount
Monthly Amount Equivalent (Mar-May)
Legacy Donor Level
Any amount
Any amount
Be recognized as a Legacy Donor on our website, in event programs, and in Out on the Edge: Three Decades of Patrick’s Cabaret, get emailed a digital copy of the book after it comes out, and get a special shoutout in our weekly emails
$32 or more 
(for our 32 years as an organization)
All above benefits, plus a printed copy of the book shipped to you, and a special social media shoutout
$86 or more 
(for our origin in 1986)
All above benefits, plus special onstage recognition at our Mainstage Cabarets for the rest of the season, and early access to a digital copy of Out on the Edge: Three Decades of Patrick’s Cabaret
$155 or more
(for the 155 artists we served in the Teaching Artist Residencies program last year)
All above benefits, plus get 100 words to reflect on the Cabaret's history published in Out on the Edge: Three Decades of Patrick’s Cabaret, and a special invitation to an exclusive VIP reception ahead of the FUNeral (the event we produce celebrating the organization’s impact, event date TBA)
$500 or more

(for the 500+ artists we served last year)

All above benefits, and get 300 words in Out on the Edge: Three Decades of Patrick’s Cabaret to reflect on the Cabaret's history, and an on-stage speaking opportunity at an upcoming event of your choice


Donate now to be a part of the legacy of Patrick's Cabaret!

It’s up to every one of us to keep the legacy of Patrick’s Cabaret living and breathing in the world, even after we’re gone. Thank you for being part of the epic story of Patrick’s Cabaret, and thank you for keeping that legacy alive.


Scott Artley, Executive Artistic Director

P.S. Save a stamp and donate online at! There, you can even sign up to make a monthly gift, which will allow for us to sustain ourselves from now until May. We'll add those monthly contributions together for the months of January to May to reflect the Legacy Donor level you've achieved through your total 2018 giving.

Remembering Patrick Cabaret's legacy through photos

Remembering Patrick Cabaret's legacy through photos


Ari Newman and the Tretter Archives

From left to right, clockwise: Ifrah Mansour performing at the Firehouse, Gabriel Mata-Ortega at Raw Material, found photos of the Cabaret at its home in what's now the Open Eye Figure Theater.