Meet our new teaching staff


About the Teaching Artist Residency Program:

For over 30 years, Patrick's Cabaret has helped artists tell their stories in a welcoming, supportive, and transformative environment. We continue that work by offering customized workshops and residencies with organizations, growing new art and new artists directly in our community.

Teaching Artist Residencies are carefully designed to help participants find and hone their creative voices in their own spaces and on their own terms. We work closely with organizations to develop a custom residency curriculum  to meet the community's learning and social goals.About the Southside Family Charter School Residency

About the Southside Family Charter School Residency:

Cabaret will produce a three-month Teaching Artist Residency with Southside Family Charter School students in 3rd and 4th grade reading and writing classes. The residency curriculum will be focused on learning about critical reading, writing, editing, and performance skills in service of social justice, which aligns with the school’s academic focus on organized resistance to injustice.

Patrick’s Cabaret has hired 2 Teaching Artists who each work with a single classroom and teacher to produce ten workshops on creating new written and performance work. Each Teaching Artist will be assisted by a Classroom Assistant, who will be in the room at each workshop as a kind of apprentice to the more experienced Teaching Artist. At the conclusion of the residency, the entire school, as well as parents and other community members, will watch a performance by these students, who will share their work onstage in the school auditorium. Students will have the opportunity to submit their favorite piece of their own written work to be published into a zine, which will be compiled and published by the Classroom Assistants.

Teaching Artist:

Ashawnti Sakina Ford

Beverly Cottman 

Classroom Assistants:

Teighlor McGee

Shannon T.L. Kearns