New Artist Payment & Ticketing Structure

Patrick’s Cabaret is excited to announce a new payment structure for artists in our Open Call, Concept, and Guest Curated Cabaret programs starting with the Fall 2016 season.

The new plan, in “experiment mode” for the 2016 Fall Season, includes a guaranteed $50 stipend for performers, plus 100% of advance tickets artists sell themselves, plus a percent of the door whenever sales exceed 80% of available seats.

We’re excited to roll out this new payment plan because we think it will be mutually beneficial to performers and Patrick’s Cabaret. We have long been committed to paying artists. It’s one of our core values. Under our old plan, we were proud be one of the few, if perhaps only, arts organizations that gave 100 percent of the door to the performers. Then, when we’d ask the audience for donations at intermission, we’d often joke that the policy was a terrible business plan. It was funny, but it was also true.

As our organization shifts into a new reality this fall, we must think deeply about how to sustain the Cabaret as an important resource in the community. This new plan reflects our commitment to paying artists, sometimes even better than before, while helping create a more sustainable organization built on mutual support. Artists, we’re here to serve you, but we can’t serve you if we’re not here. We think our new configuration serves both our artists today and our arts community for the future.

Artist payments include three factors:

  1. Artists will now be paid a stipend of $50/night, guaranteed unless the show is cancelled, the artist does not perform, or the artist leaves before the end of the event.

  2. Additionally, artists will receive advance tickets to sell for the run of the show—5 tickets when appearing for 2 nights, 2 tickets when appearing one night—to sell at $10 each. Artists keep 100% of their advance sales. Patrick’s Cabaret strongly discourages discounting or giving away tickets for free. Our artists deserve to be compensated for their work by an audience who values their contributions.

  3. Finally, whenever ticket sales meet or exceed 80% of available seats, artists will receive an additional 50% split of the box office from remaining tickets sold, based on the average ticket price for the evening.

Online Tickets will be available online for $10 plus a small service fee ($11.34 total). Artists who sell all their advance tickets have an incentive to continue to encourage online sales: a full house means additional revenue, and the audience member receives a small discount off the box office ticket price.

Box Office Sales: Tickets at the door are $12-15 on a sliding scale.

Will Call Tickets: If the artist is not able to get a physical ticket to someone who has bought an advanced ticket, we will hold the physical ticket at the box office with the patron’s name.

Under this new plan, artists can expect to make up to $150 for two nights, and up to $70 for one night, plus additional revenue if the event is more than 80% full. We believe this change from our previous policy will actually represent an increase in payments to artists, which is aligned with our value to compensate artists as best we can, while also operating as a sustainable organization. As a pilot policy, we’re eager to hear from artists and audience members how it’s working, so we can continue to improve on the model.

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