An Important Announcement from Patrick's Cabaret


An Important Announcement from Patrick's Cabaret

Dear Friends of the Cabaret,
We are announcing today that the firehouse that has been the home of Patrick’s Cabaret for the past 16 years has been sold, ending Patrick’s Cabaret’s lease, and requiring us to vacate the building on May 31st. While we are disappointed, we embrace this development as an opportunity to refresh and restructure how we operate, while remaining committed to our mission to support the growth and development of artists on the edge of culture.
Since Patrick’s Cabaret began in 1986, thirty years ago this April, it has existed in several locations. At our core, the Cabaret is a concept and a community, not necessarily a place. Our approach to growing new art and new artists is a vital part of the Twin Cities arts ecosystem, and we’re moving forward with the belief that this development challenges us to do some more radical work directly in the communities we serve.
When I took on the position of Executive Artistic Director of Patrick’s Cabaret, my vision for the organization involved making some big changes. Building our brand of community in new spaces beyond our walls. Forwarding a more radical, intersectional cultural politic. Supporting the holistic needs of artists on the margins to navigate systems designed to limit our success. That time arrived a lot quicker than I expected, but in a world that moves quickly, we have to be ready to jump on the opportunity. I plan to spend the next several months celebrating the legacy of Patrick’s Cabaret (especially at our upcoming “Cabaret Cabaret: The 30th Anniversary Show” at the end of April), closing out our presence in the building, and then readying us to work with artists and supporters to create the Cabaret of the future.
In the next few weeks, please stay tuned to our website for further information, and stay tuned to our email announcements for weekly updates about our programming and plans for the future. Come see a show produced by the Cabaret or one of our many community partners, or visit us at one of our upcoming 30th Anniversary Birthday Parties in the month of April. Let’s mark this as a moment to remember what’s come, and to dream about what’s next.
Thank you for being part of the Cabaret’s story,


QUESTIONS & ANSWERS about Patrick's Cabaret's Transition

Why are you moving?
The building owner has sold the building, requiring Patrick’s Cabaret to end its lease.
What’s your deadline for being out of the firehouse building?
May 31st
Would you have preferred to stay in the firehouse?
The firehouse has been a great home for Patrick’s Cabaret for 16 years. Still, for over a year we have been developing plans to host more cabaret events in other venues throughout the community. This change accelerates those plans. We embrace this opportunity to refresh and restructure how we operate, while remaining committed to our mission.
How long have you known you were moving?
We were informed in March of the sale and our need to vacate by May 31st.
Where are you moving?
At this time, we have not identified a physical space for relocation. Patrick’s Cabaret began as a nomadic gathering, and has existed in several locations in its history. At our core, the Cabaret is a concept and a community, and we’re moving forward with the belief that this development challenges us to do some more radical work directly in the communities we serve.
Lacking a physical location, we are seeking partnership opportunities to use and share established venues, including non-arts venues, and we will work with artists and audiences alike to create exciting and surprising community spaces that fulfill our mission.
How will this affect your programing?
The final event produced and curated by Patrick’s Cabaret in the firehouse building will be “Cabaret Cabaret: The 30th Anniversary Show,” April 29-30. However, we are committed to upholding our commitments to Guest Curators, community partners, and space renters through May 31st. We will spend the summer months refining our vision and structure, engaging in smaller-scale opportunities as able, and plan to resume programming in the fall.


How does this impact the 2016 Longfellow Roots Rock and Deep Blues Festival?
The music festival is scheduled to take place this year. For additional information and updates, please stay tuned to
How does this change impact your funding?
Losing the firehouse is a significant challenge to our funding, as we lose essential rental income that supported our programming. We have grant funding through 2016 to support our ongoing mission, but may not be eligible for the same support after 2016, due to the significant decrease in our operating budget. Part of our work to redesign the organization is to revise our business model by exploring new mission-driven ways to earn and raise income, including a planned expansion of education and mentorship opportunities. We are working with funders to articulate our proactive shift to a more focused, mobile, and responsive organization.
What will happen with donations?
The Cabaret is committed to continuing to fulfill its unique mission to support the growth and development of artists on the edge of culture. All donations will continue to be used to make the Cabaret a vital and effective organization, focused on championing marginalized artists and experimental work in a way that few other organizations provide.
Who bought the building? What will it become?
Patrick’s Cabaret has not been informed regarding the new building owners or their plans for what they intend to do with the space. More information will be shared as soon as it becomes available.
What’s going to happen with the Cabaret’s stuff - furnishings, equipment, etc.?
We are currently taking inventory of all property, determining what we’ll keep and what might be sold. We will share more information as soon as it becomes available.
What are your plans for the future?
Our immediate focus is on celebrating the 30th Anniversary of the Cabaret, while simultaneously preparing to leave the building. We are also revising our vision and restructuring our operations in order to continue to fulfill our mission, and plan to engage artists and audiences in conversations about what YOU want to see us doing.
How is this change impacting staffing?
Patrick’s Cabaret has always operated with a small, mostly part-time staff. Our change in circumstances requires us to further reduce overhead by shifting responsibilities and not refilling vacant positions.
What can I do to help with the transition?
Now, more than ever before, we need the support of everyone who believes that access to vibrant, diverse, and uncensored art is essential to changing lives and transforming communities. Making a financial investment in the future of the Cabaret is especially critical during this time of transition.Volunteering your time and talents is also helpful. We are also looking to other organizations and individuals to partner with, especially for sharing venues or creating unique performance spaces. Stay tuned for more opportunities to participate in shaping our future.
Where can I get more information about the changes?
We will post updates on our new and improved website, You can also subscribe to our email list for updates and opportunities to join our community of people committed to our unique mission.
Whom can I contact with questions?
Staff and Board will be available to answer questions and take other comments at Thank you in advance for your patience awaiting a response during this busy period.