Eric Tu

Eric Tu is a Judoka Poet born in San Jose, California and currently living in Minneapolis, MN. Eric graduated from the University of Minnesota with honors in 2015, where he majored in English and Asian-American Studies, and a minor in Dutch Cultural Studies. When not working or writing poetry, Eric is at judo practice or thinking about playing the Metal Gear Solid series. Eric is a founding member of the poetry collective The Mess Hall of Living Poets, along with Carrie Lorig and Brendan Brophy. Eric has performed his poetry for Hamline University, the University of Minnesota Twin Cities, Macalester College, New Sh!t Show, The Fox Egg Gallery, The Underground Music Café, Honey, Poken Sword, 2001 A Space, Freedom Square, The Art Shanty Project, Urban Speaks, Word Sprout, Patrick’s Cabaret, Pangea World Theater, and other great organizations. He is currently working on part two of his poetic autobiography. He loves Gameboy Color and has kept it One-Double-Oh since 1991.