Call for Performers: Anything But English: Language in Space

Re-shape Your World in ANYTHING BUT ENGLISH!

Fri & Sat, May 19-20, 2017 at 7:30 PM

Pangea World Theater // 711 West Lake Street Suite 101 // Minneapolis, MN 55408

Co-produced by Patrick’s Cabaret and Pangea World Theater   

Pangea World Theater co-present’s Patrick’s Cabaret's "Anything But English" -- a multilingual cabaret featuring artists whose native language is not English. On the surface, language is a tool that helps us communicate and think. But language can also pull forth memories, sentiment, and sometimes discomfort. In this multilingual cabaret, we invite everyone to explore what happens in a multilingual space where the connections formed between people are forced to move beyond mere words.

We invite artists whose native language is one other that English to question and explore what happens to language in private/public, familiar/unfamiliar, or native/non-native spaces. Take your words and throw it into poetry, dance, theater, music, performance art or any art your heart desires!

Approximately 6 acts totaling about 15 mins each will be selected to participate.

Ready to propose your activity? Submit an online artist proposal by CLICKING HERE.

Artist Payments

Artists are paid a stipend of $50/night, guaranteed unless the show is canceled, the artist does not perform, or the artist leaves before the end of the event. Additionally, artists will receive advanced tickets to sell for the run of the show. Artists can offer ticket sales to their friends and fans at a discounted rate of $10/each, and keep all of that money-- it goes directly into their pockets. Artists appearing in two nights of a show will get 5 tickets to sell for the run, and artists appearing in only one night of a show will get 2 tickets to sell for the run. Artists can then expect to make up to $150 for 2 nights, and up to $70 for 1 night. This change from our previous policy will actually represent a general increase in payments to artists, which is aligned with our value to compensate artists as best we can.

Event proposals due by Monday, March 13th, 2017 at 11:59 PM.

We will contact you by Friday, March 24th, 2017 to let you know if we can include you in this event.