Lightning Rod - Call for Directors


NOTIFICATIONS on or before MARCH 13th

Patrick’s Cabaret is seeking directors of various backgrounds to participate in a new Twin Cities flash theater tradition called Lightning Rod. The production will assemble a diverse team of artists to collaborate with only a few days to create works that respond to the current week’s events. We’re mixing the pot; both as a generative practice and a community involvement exercise. Come play a theater game, with serious consequences.


  • Sunday April 9th – Community Gathering. Between 1:00 PM and 5:00 PM for auditions, group devising time, orientation, and rehearsal schedule set and other logistical negotiations. Refreshments and breaks provided.

  • Tuesday, April 11th and Wednesday, April 12th – Rehearsal begins. Writers will submit pieces in whatever state they are in and agree to make no further amendments, edits or unsolicited remarks. Directors will lead their small team of performers in staging the work, following the parameters and challenges set before you on orientation day. Parameters will include—but may not be limited to— prompts, specific news headlines, the performers assigned to you, any other prompt or constraint that encourages you to respond in the moment and/or think outside the box.

    • Approximately three hour commitment on only one of these days. Time slots TBD based on your team’s schedule and need.

  • Thursday, April 13th – Tech Rehearsal. Because we’re tech’ing 6 pieces in one evening, each team will have approximately 45 minutes to tech their pieces, including a run. We will gather as much information ahead of time to facilitate this happening smoothly.

    • One to two hour commitment. Time slots TBD based on your team’s schedule and need.

  • Friday, April 14th and Saturday April 15th – Performances. Please attend to enjoy the results and support your team! We would also be delighted for you to participate in talk backs, Q & A’s and pre-show rituals if you are able.


  • Support Patrick’s Cabaret Mission. Patrick’s Cabaret is a queer-led performance art incubator supporting the growth and development of artists on the edge of culture. The organization produces work by hundreds of artists each year, with a particular focus on making space for artists of color, with disabilities, and on the LGBT/Queer spectrum to tell their stories in a welcoming, supportive, and transformative environment. (You do not have to live with or inhabit any of these identities to participate)

  • Attitude: Have a vested interest in or curiosity for collaborative work, particularly in new contexts with fresh faces. Passion for taking creative and professional risks for the sake of powerful work. Respect for the needs and creative proclivities of the team assigned to you.

  • Ability to manage rehearsal time use, approach the work with strong vision and bold choices, and communicate effectively any needs that you may have to the production team. We will be there to offer support!

  • Ability to work within the parameters set by this curated event.


Directors are paid a fee of $50 for their participation, and will be provided with a comp'd admission to the performance to which they contributed.

While we wish we could pay more, we hope that you see the value of contributing to a community-driven process where you will meet new fellow artists, new ways of working, and be part of a uniquely theatrical form of resistance.



If you have any questions you can reach Guest Producer Kat Purcell at