Lulu Saleh

Lula Saleh is an Ethiopian-Eritrean American Muslim, multidisciplinary performance artist, writer, poet, singer-songwriter, journalist, organizer and Empath. Born and raised in Saudi Arabia, and living in both Ethiopia and the UK as a child, she identifies as a third culture kid. Lula is a NEXUS Music Artist and an Intercultural Leadership Institute (ILI) Fellow. She writes and sings at the intersections of her multiethnic, transnational diaspora identity. Her genre of electronic-acoustic-soul and poetry reflect her eclectic heritage, touching upon themes of the East African diaspora, loss, culture, homelands, and (be)longing.

Lula has performed at, been featured in or received recognition from: The Loft Literary Center, the Givens African Americans Writers Fellowship, the National Endowment for the Arts, Pillsbury House Theater, Ananya Dance Theater, Pangea World Theater, Intermedia Arts, to name a few. Find Lula's music, poetry, and thoughts on all platforms @lulathelily.