Seeking Board & Committee members

Patrick’s Cabaret seeks new board members to join an active and dynamic board of directors.

About Patrick's Cabaret

Patrick’s Cabaret is a queer-led performance art incubator supporting the growth and development of artists on the edge of culture.

Our work strives to center artists of color, with disabilities, and with queer and trans identities. We grow new art and new artists by encouraging artists of all experience levels to try new things, take risks, and present works-in-progress. We connect artists to education, performance platforms, tangible resources, and to each other, to put their talents to work. We build a diverse network of artists committed to forwarding a radically inclusive and progressive creative community where artists on the margins can thrive.

Patrick's Cabaret in 2017 and Beyond

In May 2016, we lost our venue, challenging us to do some more radical work directly in the communities we serve. At our core, Patrick’s Cabaret is a concept and a community with resilience written into our DNA. Today, we have an office at ArtsHub West at Intermedia Arts in South Minneapolis. We partner with and share established venues, working with performers and audiences to create exciting and surprising community spaces that fulfill our mission. Recent spaces have included Intermedia Arts, the Fox Egg Gallery, the TEK BOX stage at Cowles Center, and Squirrel Haus Arts.

We have also expanded our support to artists beyond performance opportunities, offering new initiatives, such as educational workshops, artist services, and community residencies. Amidst intense social change, Patrick’s Cabaret is ripe for reinvention to support artists in a new era.

About Board Membership

The Patrick’s Cabaret board of directors has three essential responsibilities:

  • Ensure Patrick’s Cabaret is executing its mission
  • Set policy related to how we fulfill our mission
  • Ensure our organization’s legal compliance, financial health and operational sustainability.

The Board meets monthly on the third Tuesday of the month. Detailed expectations of Board Members are articulated at Board & Committee Leadership.

About Committee Participation

Board Committees are structured to assist the Board with the work of the organization. Each Committee is assigned a "charge," or general area guiding its work. While Board members are elected, Board Committee membership is open to all, and is the best way to "try out" Board duties and demonstrate your commitment ahead of serving on the elected Board of Directors.

Committees include:

  • Leadership & Culture
  • Grants & Fundraising
  • Finance & Infrastructure
  • Constituencies & Relationships

Find full Committee descriptions at Board & Committee Leadership.

How to Get Involved

It’s an incredibly exciting time for the Cabaret and there many ways you can be involved. We are seeking individuals who are interested in joining an active board, particularly individuals with the following skills/abilities: finance, administration/program management, education programs, and fundraising. Please email with interest in having a conversation about joining the Board or a Committee.

Consideration will happen on a rolling basis, with priority consideration for current openings to applicants connecting with us by August 1st, 2017.

Please contact us now to find out more about how you can make a huge impact with this critical organization. We’d love to have you in our corner.