Announcing our 2017 Council of Firekeepers


First row: Harry Waters Jr., Adrienne Louise Kleinman, Kate Kunkel Bailey, Marcel Michelle Mobama;

Second row: Gabriela Santiago, Chloe Tarnowski, Ifrah Mansour, Mollie Lacy;

Third row: Cory Skold, Niara Williams, Alejandra (Tobar Alatriz), Bobby Kahn.




A cohort of twelve artists embodying the mission of the Cabaret


For over three decades, our community of artists have come together to strengthen and deepen our mission. Today, we are delighted to announce our brand-new Council of Firekeepers, made up of twelve Cabaret artists who have pledged to raise critical donations to keep the fires burning at Patrick’s Cabaret. Our work has always been directly shaped by the artists we work with, as we recognize their potential as critical agents for broad community change.


In these tumultuous times, we’re reminded that we need artists more than ever. We are grateful and excited that this cohort of artists has convened to embody our mission and to provide critical energy as we grow into an ambitious 2018. Learn more about the council below:


Alejandra (Tobar Alatriz)

Alejandra is a multidisciplinary artist, Healing Justice Practitioner, and community organizer for more than 20 years around many issues, and now in community development and creative placemaking.


Kate Kunkel Bailey

Kate is a performance artist, photographer, and writer, and the founder of Fox Egg Gallery.


Bobby Kahn

Bobby Kahn is a curator, performance artist, and community organizer who considers Patrick's Cabaret to be the place where he really got his start as a curator and live performer.


Adrienne Louise Kleinman

Adrienne is an aspiring filmmaker who owes much of her unwavering artistic confidence and optimism to Patrick’s Cabaret’s belief in her voice and story.


Mollie Lacy

As both a past performer and an avid audience member, Mollie is so proud to have an organization like Patrick's Cabaret in their community.  


Ifrah Mansour

Ifrah is an internationally recognized Somali multidisciplinary artist and educator, interweaving text, movement, digital media, and sound, to create performance that explores trauma.


Marcel Michelle Mobama

Marcel is a trailblazing multidisciplinary performance artist featured on stages throughout the Twin Cities whose most recent work focuses on erotic performance and curation. If you’d like to help Marcel raise money, visit her fundraising page here.


Gabriela Santiago

Gabriela Santiago is a writer and performer who has been involved with Patrick's Cabaret since 2008, and whose work includes “People of Colo(u)r Destroy Science Fiction!”, which won the British Fantasy Award for Best Anthology. If you’d like to help Gabriela raise money,visit her fundraising page here.


Cory Skold

In addition to his role as one of the production technicians for the Cabaret, Cory is an emerging theatre artist and freelance technician. If you’d like to help Cory raise money,visit his fundraising page here.


Chloe Tarnowski

Chloe is an emerging artist and curator who recently appeared in Lightning Rod and the Augsburg Uncensored Cabaret, which she curated.


Harry Waters Jr.

Harry’s extensive theatre and teaching career brought him to the Twin Cities, where he teaches at Macalester College and works on various community-based theatre projects in support of emerging artists’ development. If you’d like to help Harry raise money, visit his fundraising page here.


Niara Williams

Niara is a theater and dance student at Macalester College and former Patrick's Cabaret intern, where she was grateful to witness how Patrick's Cabaret creates spaces in which artists on the margins are able to develop their craft.If you’d like to help Niara raise money, visit her fundraising page here.

Make a gift to honor a Firekeeper now

If you would like to make a gift through any of the artists below, please visit their individual fundraising pages (if linked), and otherwise visit our GiveMN page and include the Firekeeper's name in the "Tribute or Memorial Dedication" section of the donation form. Not an online giver, or want to skip the processing fees, visit our Donate page to learn about other ways to make a gift.