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The strongest proposals come from emerging artists who would like to bring their art to a new level in a professional venue, and established artists who wish to explore a new part of their practice, share something new, or develop a new collaboration. This is an important point, please keep it in mind.
Patrick's Cabaret supports artists working on the edge of culture, whether because of radical content, experimental form, or cultural marginality. We have a particular focus on making space for artists of color, with disabilities, and/or on the queer spectrum.

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My Horrifying Holiday

Artists take aim at "the most wonderful time of the year" with this scathing, comedic anti-holiday event that might make even Scrooge cringe and the Grinch shudder. Bring the whole family so you can spend 2 hours not having to talk to one another!
Paul Nemeth
Akiko Ostlund
Hector Chavarria aka "The Big Gay Mexican"
Alyssa Perau
Kafiya Ahmed


Fall Open Call Cabaret

Open Call Cabarets provide an accessible platform for performing artists to share their work. Each show, typically consisting of six acts by independent artists, is designed to offer a mix of artistic disciplines, experience levels and creative viewpoints. Emerging artists of any genre or discipline and established artists who would like to explore a new part of their practice or share new work can find a supportive environment to bring new art to life.


Following two years of successful events thanks to a partnership with VSA Minnesota, the state organization for arts and disability, the third iteration of this annual cabaret for performance artists with disabilities will be guest curated by storyteller Alison Bergblom Johnson. People with disabilities have rights laid out in such legislation as the Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. These phrases may, as unlikely as it may seem, come tripping off our tongues as people with disabilities.


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