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Meet our new teaching staff


About the Teaching Artist Residency Program:

For over 30 years, Patrick's Cabaret has helped artists tell their stories in a welcoming, supportive, and transformative environment. We continue that work by offering customized workshops and residencies with organizations, growing new art and new artists directly in our community.

DEADLINE EXTENDED: Seeking Artists for Latinx-Q


Proposal deadline EXTENDED to Thursday, March 15th at 11:59 PM

Performances: Friday and Saturday, May 11-12, 2018
at Open Eye Figure Theatre, 506 E 24th Street, Minneapolis 
Curated and hosted by Hector Chavarria (The Big Gay Mexican)


Deadline extended: Seeking Artists for Latinx-Q

Community Roundtable - March

Join Patrick's Cabaret's network on Wednesday, March 21st from 7 pm to 9 pm at the Phoenix Theater to continue the conversation. Our second Community Roundtable will build on our February discussion (see notes here) to imagine and create the future we want for artists in the Twin Cities, particularly artists of color, artists with disabilities, and artists with queer and trans identities.

Creative Survival: Making Art and Making Life through Chronic Illness

How do we live as artists with chronic pain, illness and post-traumatic stress?  How can we be empowered to create our lives through sickness? “Creating through Sickness” will pair Theater of the Oppressed exercises and concrete skill-sharing to embody various aspects of ongoing healing and survival, while deepening a political lens on our day to day experience as sick people.

Cultivating Listening and Awareness

Participants will learn how to give and receive both 'aware' attention and active listening to assist them and others in striving to develop their full potential. This will consist of teaching non-judgemental and non-advice giving listening skills. It will also include practicing the skills with each other as each individual attempts a new or difficult skill set. 

Writing Our Own Love Letters

Writing love letters to ourselves allows us to create safer spaces to be honest and vulnerable in our artistic practice - and to offer ourselves love, care and support. Artists will learn some of the science behind positive self-talk and gain skills for writing their love letters. The workshop will have space for self-reflection and boundaries sharing to help foster community care along with self-care. This workshop centers and uplifts LGBTQ Indigenous artists and artists of color - artists who are frequently marginalized and/or exoticized in their personal and artistic lives.

Re-Defining the Edge: Engaging with Youth Artists and Audiences

Engagement with youth is crucial to the continuation of radical arts programming, but artists often shy away from working with youth due to barriers they consider out of their control. Workshop participants will walk away with a deeper understanding of how to establish effective creative partnerships with youth across social and economic barriers. Through a combination of materials and philosophies, participants will be given tools for deep and effective engagement with youth artists and audiences.

GAYming the System: Tax Tools for Creative Queers

Let's be real: Tax law is written, on the whole, to uphold the white patriarchy, and its benefits are overwhelmingly concentrated away from marginalized communities. Artists and other creative professionals, in particular, are underserved by this system. Until we can radically remake our economy, we've got to help each other navigate it.

Led by the cabaret's own Scott Artley and taught through the lens of queer politics, this workshop aims to introduce creative queers (& LGBTQ+ allies) to:

+ Filing taxes as a creative professional


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