Call for Performers: Cabaret show for the Fringe Festival

Patrick’s Cabaret presents…“Wait...Didn’t Patrick’s Cabaret Close?”

At the Minnesota Fringe Festival, August 4-12, 2017

Venue: Intermedia Arts, 2822 Lyndale Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55408


About the show:

“Wait...didn’t Patrick’s Cabaret close?” It’s a question we still get. So we’re producing a Fringe Festival show this summer that showcases the community of artists that have graced the many stages of Patrick’s Cabaret, proving that we’re not closed--in fact, we’re just getting started.


Call for Performers: Cabaret show for the Fringe Festival -

Call for Teaching Artists & Teaching Assistants

Location: Twin Cities-Minnesota
Type: Independent Contractor
Category: Education
Compensation: $605-1410 for each Teaching Artist (depending on project) $25/workshop stipend for Teaching Assistants
Reports to: Teaching Artist Residency Producer
Deadline: May 2, 2017




Call for Teaching Artists & Teaching Assistants -

New to Networking: A Workshop on Finding Jobs, Finding Friends, and Finding Safe(r) Spaces to Strut Your Stuff

Entering a scene as a new and/or emerging artist can be really intimidating, especially when it seems like everyone is more experienced and connected than you; for marginalized artists, simply making connections and finding supportive spaces can be particularly challenging.  Casual and judgement-free, this workshop will guide new and emerging artists through the process of networking from start to finish.  You will leave this workshop with the skills to build a network of other artists, tips on how to find and create respectful and inclusive spaces, a concrete list on where to fin

Rubbing Elbows: Creating Inclusive Creative Spaces

Too often the creative spaces we inhabit are exclusive, and the stories we hear are presented in a singular way. This conversation explores how we think about creative space and communities when we curate art and performance opportunities. Through reflection, dialogue, and group activities, this workshop challenges how we put on shows that are engaging, efficient, and inclusive among craft, genre, and identity; it considers who we involve, invite, and share opportunities with. Different communities are always rubbing elbows — lets see what we can make from that friction.

Setting Goals and Staying on Task: Time-Management Strategies for Artists

As artists, we are often our own boss, accountable only to ourselves. Sometimes it's easy to slack off, but it's also easy to set unrealistic expectations and then beat ourselves up for "failing." This workshop -- led by Katherine Glover -- explores different logistical and emotional strategies for setting goals and tracking progress, with a focus on working with our natural patterns and tendencies to set ourselves up for success.

Beyond the Book Deal: Creating Opportunities For Your Creative Writing

In this workshop, we will be exploring opportunities for finding your creative writing a home and an audience that go beyond the book deal. We will focus especially on creating opportunities with organizations that work with and for marginalized communities. This workshop will help you identify your dreams as a creative writer, and show you a potential path toward reaching those dreams.


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