Singer/Songwriter Series (Guest Curator: Siama Matuzungidi)

The Singer/Songwriter Series at Patrick's Cabaret features a solid mix of talented, emerging, and established artists. All artists present original works in a storyteller style format. This special series will be guest curated by international musician, Siama Matuzungidi, legendary soukous guitarist, vocalist, and composer.
Siama Matuzungidi
Lady Midnight
Tenzin Ngawang

March Open Call Cabaret

Open Call Cabarets provide an accessible platform for performing artists to share their work. Each show, typically consisting of six acts by independent artists, is designed to offer a mix of artistic disciplines, experience levels, and creative viewpoints. Emerging artists of any genre or discipline and established artists who would like to explore a new part of their practice or share new work can find a supportive environment to bring new art to life.


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My Horrifying Love Life!


This one’s for all the love fools! Patrick’s Cabaret invites artists to take part in an event on Valentine’s Day weekend devoted to sharing our most hilariously-embarrassing stories of the search for love. Equal parts confessional shame-fest and group therapy, we’re hoping that even if it hurt then, at least we can laugh about it now...?


Sarah McPeck

Hector Chavarria (the Big Gay Mexican)

Cassandra Snow & Company


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