SOAPBOX open mic sign up

How to Sign Up for the Open Mic

There will be 7 open mic slots of up to 7 minutes each. ALL open mic slots will be selected by random lottery at 7:30 PM. You may either enter your name IN-PERSON starting at 7:00 PM at the event, or sign-up ONLINE ahead of time. You must be present at the beginning of the event to earn a spot, if your name is drawn, and we strongly encourage you to support the other performers and stick around for the entire event. 

What Can/Should I Present at the Open Mic?

This SOAPBOX is a creative space, above all else. Artists are encouraged to think deeply about their role in politics and present creative work, rather than campaign messaging, that reflects on our political reality in a new way. What story from your past are you thinking about as the campaign season burns brightest? What music explains tension, and what music suggests release? What poetry do we need to hear before stepping into a voting booth?


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