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Thurs 11 Feb @ 7pm
The Calof Series - Offsite

Minneapolis Eagles Club #34
Curated by Scott Artley.
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Fri 12 & Sat 13 Feb @ 7:30pm
My Horrifying Love Life

This one’s for all the love fools! Sharing our most hilariously-embarrassing stories of the search for love.
Curated by Scott Artley.
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Fri 19 Feb @ 8pm
Singer/Songwriter Series

Wendy C. Freund, Yigitcan Eryaman, and more TBA
Curated by Chris Mozena.
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Thurs 10 Mar @ 7pm
The Calof Series - Onsite

Curated by Scott Artley.
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Fri 11 Mar @ 4pm
Singer/Songwriter Series

Curated by Chris Mozena.
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Sun 12 Mar @ 7:30pm
Guest Curated Cabaret

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Fri 25 & Sat 26 Mar @ 7:30pm
Open Call Cabaret

Curated by Scott Artley.
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Patrick's Cabaret's premises are alcohol-free

ASL interpretation and audio description are available upon request
(2 weeks prior to a performance is appreciated)

This activity is made possible in part by a grant provided by the Minnesota State Arts Board through an appropriation by the Minnesota State Legislature from the State's general fund and its arts and cultural heritage fund with money from the vote of the people of Minnesota on November 4, 2008.

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The Latest

  • Patrick's Cabaret is hiring for three positions:

    Administrative Manager

    House Manager

    Tech Coordinator

    See the job descriptions on our Job Openings page

  • Scott ArtleyScott Artley named Patrick's Cabaret's
    Executive Artistic Director

    from Thomas M. Cassidy Patrick's Cabaret performer, curator, volunteer, donor, and outgoing Board Chair:

    This new year marks the 30th Anniversary of Patrick's Cabaret, and I am pleased to report that an important transition in staffing has begun. Scott Artley, who has served as the Cabaret's Performing Arts Curator since January 2014, received unanimous board approval for promotion to Executive Artistic Director. Amy Hero Jones, who has been captain of the Cabaret ship for nine years, has been contracted to continue her successful development and fundraising efforts for Patrick's Cabaret.

    When I first stumbled into the gang-furnished, semi-teched, pre-firehouse Patrick's Cabaret on East 24th Street in 1996, and saw what an ambitious vision can do for new or overlooked talents, marginalized or eccentric artists, queer or anti-status quo voices, outsiders and conjurers, hopeful naysayers! keepers of mist! operatic dancers! staged synesthesia!--I knew I'd become a regular. Whether helping at fundraisers or collaborations with other nonprofits, I'm always impressed by how generous our volunteers, performers, and audiences are; how idealistic they are. I believe that when people connect with how unusual yet necessary the programming is, they realize they are on a similar wavelength when supporting the Cabaret's mission.

    I will extol Amy's and Scott's many talents and contributions to Patrick's Cabaret off the page and whenever anyone asks, but I will simply thank them here for their willingness to take part in a lateral transition that spares us cost and disruption, and deepens their already proven commitment to the Cabaret. The next time you see Amy or Scott, congratulate them, applaud them, and ask them if the ukulele-playing puppets are ever coming back.

    There will be no apparent changes to our programming or fundraising efforts because of this transition, but we have a particularly exciting year ahead. So come to the Cabaret! Get ready for another Roots, Rock, and Deep Blues Festival this summer! Get inspired or rejuvenated by special 30th Anniversary programming that celebrates our history! And watch for organizational growth and changes that will mean greater outreach, off-site programming, and additional resources for artists.

    Thank you for your interest in Patrick's Cabaret!

    Photo Credit: Rebecca J. Lawrence, RJL Photography